Solo exhibition - Alberto Selvestrel

1st October - 15th October, 2020
On the occasion of DAAM (Dovevo Andare Al MIA), ArtNoble gallery hosted by #SO | Independent studio for the arts is pleased to present Dialogues, a solo exhibition by Alberto Selvestrel whose research aims to condense the maximum of his conceptual expression into the minimum of form.


Observing Dialogues, as we plunge through its rigorous geometries, we get the impression that Selvestrel wanted to set himself a task, that is, to descend into the depths of his formal research and establish a dialogue between the natural incoherence of natural form and man's need for order in things. Selvestrel therefore operates a translation, a synthesis in the visual relationship that leads us directly to the heart of a question: what do we see when we see our surroundings?


Selvestrel's photographic works are a splendid blend of synthesis and luminosity, inviting the viewer to lose himself and at the same time to seek himself in these lifeless yet so peaceful and poetic landscapes. They take us to a world in which the works of man and nature coexist without mutual violence, forming together an innovative beauty. A profound beauty that is impossible without this mutual integration.


A relationship sought and found by Selvestrel in a cohesive relationship between his dystonic vision of the world and architectural geometries. And they are pure circles, rectangles and straight lines that integrate with natural forms: of the sea or the sky, geometricised and made both a symbol and a flag of the possible coexistence between the work of nature and the work of man. But the human figure is never present, as if to signify that the two spheres, architecture and nature, could one day be integrated, but without man.


Selvestrel's eye and sensitivity become mediums, paradigmatically interposing themselves between the representation of the landscape and its interpretation, overturning schemes which, in their communicative key, remain anchored to precise expressive roots. The momentary disorientation in front of forms that chase each other to interlock in a skilful volumetric game is overcome in finding in each of the photographs the poetic breath that follows a pacification, the resolution of a metaphysics in which the mind is pleased to learn that man has built for himself fragments of an ideal world.


A world in which man seems to disappear and therefore the world finds a kind of peace and inner silence that the author seems to hope for. Contemplative, almost monastic peace. Silence induces contemplation and the search for one's own inner geometry, and listening to the gentle sound that things produce in us is perhaps the key to the long-sought balance.


The glimpses follow one another and the volumes become the protagonists of an interweaving rendered in art form thanks to the authorial skills of Selvestrel who, by virtue of his visual culture, stimulates in us the chasing of references. It has been said that the metaphysical approach emerges above everything else; but the volumes unfold until they unfold in the neo-plasticism of Mondrian and not simply in the caressing game of citations but in resolving the complexity of forms within the simplicity of representation. And this tells us how the shot is only the final operation of an elaborate and, in this case, mature conceptual path. And waiting is the condition that exudes from the photographs, the same that occurred to the photographer, capable of waiting hours for the best light, for the sharpest shadow, for the clearest composition.


Everything obeys an order: the lines that intersect, the spaces that join together, the perspectives from which a landscape peeps out, only apparently in the background, because in reality it is a substantial and indispensable part of the composition: Chaos is definitively bent to man's intuition, it is arranged according to a rigour in which logic has the deep breath of a composition.


Dialogues is this, a successful dialogue between ambitions, an inspired treatise written according to a visual grammar that fills a void in landscape photography. This body of work is a splendid example of a personal reading of the world, and isn't that after all the job of an artist? To allude to reality in order to create a personal and interpretative one.


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