Artoday's The Wall Project No. 10 #Groupshow

Group exhibition – Manuel Fois, Alina Vergnano, Alan Borguet, Andrea Carpita, Marco Bongiorni, Cosimo Casoni, Stefano Perrone, Ludovica Anversa, Jimmy Milani, Maddalena Tesser

Curated by Artoday

1st July - 28th July, 2021
ArtNoble gallery is pleased to host within its spaces The Wall Project No.10 #Groupshow, a project conceived and curated by Artoday’s Federico Montagna and Alessia Romano.


Celebrating its tenth edition, The Wall Project returns after a one-year break with a new look: a large group exhibition bringing together all the individual artists who have participated in the project thus far. For this special occasion, along with the nine artists which previously were exhibited during the project and that will have the opportunity to show how their work has evolved and changed over time, there will also be a new work by one final artist, Maddalena Tesser, who will be the protagonist of the Artoday "wall".


The Wall Project involves bringing together the best emerging talents of international contemporary art who approach the medium of painting: an in-depth study of national painting, on the national territory. It is a window where each artist can present themselves to the public through a single work, unpublished, never exhibited and never disclosed before, which will appear on the wall created ad hoc within the spaces of the new Milanese gallery ArtNoble gallery.


What is created, rather than a wall, is therefore an analogue display where the artists reveal (as if it were on the wall of their Instagram profile) their latest research, practices and expressions of their work. Not a digital image, however, transient and impalpable, but real and true, whereby the artists no longer share with their followers, rather with a real audience present in the room.


This unique event, in which Federico Montagna and Alessia Romano decided to bring together all nine solo shows held until January 2020 and inviting an artist who has never exhibited before in Milan, also serves to sanction a fundamental step for The Wall Project: the closure of the Milanese chapter of the project, which will soon be transformed into something new, beating out new paths and opening its gaze to new places.


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