Tagli presents: Spaces, an open intimacy

Group exhibition - Maite de Orbe, Ludovico Orombelli, Luca Staccioli and Davide Stucchi


Curated by Tagli

3rd December - 10th December, 2022

ArtNoble gallery is pleased to host Tagli's residency restitution exhibition SPACES - an open intimacy.

Tagli was born in 2021 as a residency project on the island of Stromboli for artists, performers and musicians who live and confront themselves in two houses that become at the same time a place of work and life, exchange of ideas, observation, listening and creation.

Tagli shares the result of this work beyond the residency, through the organization of temporary exhibitions in which the approach to creation is immersive and multidisciplinary. After the first two 'pop-ups' in London in December 2021, and in Milan in May 2022, the work begun in residency in Stromboli in summer 2022, is presented at ArtNoble gallery in Milan.


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"The evolution of natural forms and the evolution of human perceptions have coincided to produce the phenomenon of a potential recognition: what is and what we can see (and by seeing also feel) sometimes meet at a point of affirmation.” J. Berger

SPACES - an open intimacy unveils the experience of Tagli, an artist residency held in Stromboli in late summer since 2021. This year, Caterina Dufi with Eugenia Delbue, Daniel Rineer, I Figli di Marla, Maite de Orbe, Luca Staccioli, and Davide Stucchi were invited for a three-week residency on the island of Stromboli, where they had the chance to approach the knowledge of a place, intended both as an island and as a home, and find themselves sharing and living the same experiences filtered through the gaze and vision of each other.

The exhibition questions an act of exploration and appropriation of space, through the works of Davide Stucchi, Luca Staccioli, Ludovico Orombelli, and Maite de Orbe, four of the artists-in-residence, invited to dialogue with the space of ArtNoble Gallery by implementing their artistic practice.

Every time an object or a place is defined, every time it takes shape and meaning in the mind of the observer, an opening gesture occurs that fills the unknown object with meaning, making it existing, familiar, intimate. It is here, in this space between our perception and the reality of the object that the artist's gaze settles.

The path, which winds between site-specific installations and works created during the residency, gives rise to fractions of the world, open intimacies, traces, and sounds that will activate different approaches to the viewer's perception.


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