Group exhibition - Jermay Michael Gabriel, Délio Jasse, Muna Mussie, Jim C. Nedd and Georges Senga

With a text by Janine Gaëlle Dieudji

15th June - 26th July, 2023

ArtNoble Gallery is pleased to present Stratificazioni, a group exhibition that brings together the work of five international artists: Jermay Michael Gabriel, Délio Jasse, Muna Mussie, Jim C. Nedd and Georges Senga, accompanied by a critical text by Janine Gaëlle Dieudji.

All of them, through their artistic practice, bring to this group show the fragment of a story: a tale that has become research, that has become testimony to the world they have experienced. The multiplicity of reading levels that characterizes each work will be the connecting thread between the works: the exhibition pushes one to go beyond the aesthetic level and look further.

The word ‘stratifications’ on the one hand implies the presence of multiple levels, and on the other suggests a common sense. Stratificazioni is a title that wants on the one side to enhance the strong uniqueness that characterizes each artistic research, and on the other to suggest a meeting point between the five artists: the work of research, study of traditions and history, archival work, collection of testimonies, sometimes of denunciation, forms the basis for the realization of each work, pushing the viewer not to stop at the first glance, but to understand a world behind, hidden only in appearance.


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