Or three ways of putting the same thing

Group exhibition - Martina Cassatella, Roberto de Pinto, Emilio Gola

Curated by Antonio Grulli

29th June - 13th July, 2023

ArtNoble gallery, hosted by BeAdvisors Art Department in London, is pleased to present under the format ‘SuperPreview’ Or three ways of putting the same thing, a group exhibition with works by Martina Cassatella, Roberto de Pinto and Emilio Gola, curated by Antonio Grulli.




"Three ways to say the same thing. Three ways to say painting. This is what this exhibition is about.


There is nothing more electrifying than a new generation emerging, bringing new forms, new feelings, and cleaning up everything that is no longer able to speak. In recent years, Italy has witnessed a veritable new wave of extremely gifted young painters. We can speak of a renaissance of painting. They are artists - divided into groups scattered throughout the various centers of the peninsula - up-to-date and aware of the most interesting international painting research, but at the same time devoid of any sense of inferiority to what is happening abroad. And they are carefree and proud continuers of our country’s painting tradition.


Here, then, are three young painters, based in Milan, presenting themselves on the London scene after exhibitions held over the past year in Italy and abroad. They are Martina Cassatella (b.1996), Roberto de Pinto (b.1996) and Emilio Gola (b.1994). They met at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in the Lombard capital and have been sharing a studio ever since. Although each of them has already matured a precise and peculiar style, the three are united by a common spirit and by themes rooted in the bodies and poses of anatomy, between self-discovery, the creation of one’s own character, and the desire for encounter.


I find it magical how both painting and Italian painting are capable of unexpectedly arising and resurfacing in ways that are always new and fresh; you might think it’s the end of a glorious road, and then someone comes along, opens a little door, and a new, unexplored vast continent of possibilities opens up. Enjoy the journey."


Antonio Grulli


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