About the Gallery

ArtNoble gallery was founded by Matthew Noble in London initially as an itinerary platform, with the aim of providing a programme dedicated entirely to the research of the most talented emerging artists.

In April 2021, ArtNoble gallery established its first permanent gallery space in the city of Milano (Italy). Located in Via Ponte di Legno 9, in the city's north-eastern, post-industrial neighbourhood of Lambrate, the gallery is based in a former warehouse, with its 180 sqm space still maintaining its original industrial elements and being characterised by a metaphysical light and atmosphere due to the presence of a large glass wall. 

The gallery represents emerging and increasingly established artists from Italy and abroad, with the aim of becoming a catalytic bridge between Italy and the international art market, in order to create ever new intersections and continuous encounters with the leading protagonists of contemporary art.

As our artists grow and continue to push their practices and attain the international recognition that they rightly deserve, we intend to continue to be by their side, to be best able to support them and mature together.

The Gallery

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