The Metabolic Era

Solo exhibition - Giovanni Chiamenti

With a text by Treti Galaxie

27th September - 9th November, 2023

ArtNoble gallery is pleased to present The Metabolic Era, Giovanni Chiamenti’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, accompanied by a text by Treti Galaxie. 

The Metabolic Era represents a journey into a world suspended between past, present and future, where the artist accompanies the viewer to discover the remains of hybrid creatures that have developed on the plastic waste of a humanity that has nourished itself on its own toxic waste.

Through the works on display, the exhibition directly addresses the concept that we are what we eat, noting how recent scientific discoveries show that humanity and many other life forms are unwittingly feeding on micro- and nano-plastics, mutating their very essence and incorporating them into their metabolic process. The works presented, all unpublished except for Cortex, a 3D stereolithography from 2019 that anticipates Chiamenti’s current research, have been produced using heterogeneous techniques and materials, fully representing the artist’s transdisciplinary nature.

The Metabolic Era is thus intended to be a statement of the geological era in which we live. An era in which humanity is metabolising within its own bodies the damage caused to the ‘Earth’ ecosystem that hosts us, while also forcing nature to adapt in order to survive an increasingly polluted environment.


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