Racconti dalle terre piumate

Solo exhibition - Pietro Fachini

Curated by Arnold Braho

8th February - 21st March, 2024

Opening: 8th February, from 6pm - 9pm

ArtNoble Gallery is pleased to present Racconti dalle terre piumate  (Tales from the Feathered Lands), a solo exhibition by Pietro Fachini (1994) curated by Arnold Braho.

The exhibition Tales from the Feathered Lands takes on fairy-tale features right from its title, presenting itself as a cosmogony of tales that compose the visual imagery of a land where cork forests, small insects and polychrome feathers are the subjects that constitute the ongoing forces of a wild dimension.

The attempt of the exhibition project is to make use of this narrative device to once again narrate a natural subject, continually subjected to its own dispossession, a living organism composed of micro-stories, traces, memories and records in constant change.

Pietro Fachini’s pictorial activity is conceived as a research tool, characterized by a scientific meticulousness that is realized through the presentation of a nature in transformation, through representational modes that have an organic attitude. From the investigation of pigment, always open to learning new ways of producing color, to the search for the living subject to represent, Pietro Fachini finds himself working not so much in nature, but with nature.

Fachini focuses his attention on spontaneous manifestations through meditative processes and pictorial layering, developing a reflection on figuration and its limits. The transformation is then reflected in the artist’s pictorial practice: while on the one hand the attempt is to be as realistic as possible through painting on panel, but with an abstraction of its content, on the other hand the effort is to instead abstract the image through the search for a primitivism that maintains its recognizability through the use of the monotype.

Memory, conceived as an operation of the imagination, brings to light the possibilities of a wild world made up of apparitions, allegories with magical features, and ferocity. Gradually every fact lends itself to interpretation and resolution in terms of metamorphosis and enchantment. Everything becomes possible again, the logic that governs the world is lost: feathers adorn the forest. Someone used to say that fairy tales are true.


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