Il Primo Canto – Edoardo Manzoni MATT

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Edoardo Manzoni

OCT 01 – OCT 15 2020

Text written by Piergiorgio Caserini
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Makako (2020)
Glass, water, mirrorball, necklaces. 347x25x25 cm

Makako (2020)
Glass, water, mirrorball, necklaces. 347x25x25 cm

Scena 5 (2020)
UV print on polystyrene. 124x119x4 cm

Richiamo vivo (2020)
Wood, chalk. 239x30x56,5 cm

Scena 3 (2020)
UV print on polystyrene. 124x119x4 cm

Allodoliere (2020)
Wood, mirrors, rope. 185x40,5x3,5 cm

Natura Morta: Pittima Reale (2020)
Lacquered wood, glass. 155x62x62 cm

Natura Morta: Alzavola (2020)
Wood, iron, copper platingWood, lacquered wood. 110x29x29 cm

Natura Morta: Folaga (2020)
Wood, lacquered wood. 139x52x52 cm

Natura Morta: Germano Reale (2020)
Lacquered wood. 120x26x26 cm

Nido (2020)
Found object, bark, straw, plastic. 10x12x21 cm

Detail: Nido (2020)
Found object, bark, straw, plastic. 10x12x21 cm

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ArtNoble and The Address gallery (Brescia, Italy) are pleased to announce Il Primo Canto, a solo exhibition of new works by Edoardo Manzoni. The exhibition is Manzoni’s first solo exhibition at the gallery in Brescia and is accompanied by a text written by Piergiorgio Caserini.

Edoardo Manzoni (b.1993, Crema) lives and works in Milan. His research develops from the rural context in which he grew up and which has always influenced his work. The rural world and the imaginary linked to it have stimulated interest in the relationship between the natural and the artificial, the human and the animal. His artistic practice, based on a process of continuous recovery and re-elaboration of objects and materials, crosses different modes of expression such as sculpture, painting and installation, often seeking a dialogue with the world of craftsmen. His works have been exhibited in different places including: StateOf, Milano; Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como; La Triennale, Milano; Sonnenstube, Lugano; Fondazione Pini, Milano; PAV, Torino; Careof, Milano; Luogo_e, Bergamo; Spazio Menouno, Treviglio. In 2016 Manzoni creates the artist group DITTO, with which he exhibited in: Macao, Milano; Villa Farinacci, Roma; Current, Milano; Museo Archeolgico Paolo Giovio, Como. Since 2017 takes part in Altalena, an indipendent curatorial project. In 2018 Edoardo founded Residenza La Fornace, inviting many artists in his own family farm.

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