Simon Nicasz-Dean

Born in 1992, Simon Nicasz-Dean is a Spanish-born British artist. He is the recipient of the Royal Institute of British Architects’ President’s Medal — one of the most prestigious international awards in architecture — as well as the Royal Academy of Arts British Institution Award for his project Flow, 1944.


In his works, he explores the metamorphosis of time, with images of overlapping events, all occurring in the same place at different moments. In doing so, Nicasz-Dean gathers and recalls the collective memory of the living and the inanimate, superimposing them in spaces that are both internal and exterior. The observer is thus faced by an uncertain, transient vision.  

Simon is currently a fellow of the Royal Drawing School in London, as part of the highly selective Drawing Year programme. During this period, he is working on a new body of paintings and monotypes. 

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