Roberto Alfano

Born in Lodi in 1981, Roberto Alfano develops an interest in art in the first half of the 1990s, fascinated by the phenomenon of urban art. In this period he creates his first graffiti. Over the years this practice develops into an obsessive passion for drawing and painting.


His primary sources of inspiration are traced back to contemporary underground culture, to Art-Brut and to the painting of the French masters of post-impressionism. Alongside his production and exhibition activities, Alfano has been trained in the field of clinical art therapy as an expert in running art-experiential workshops and the dynamics of artistic expression in situations of psychophysical and social distress.


In recent years, Alfano has developed his own methodological approach in the context of the art-experiential workshop, the “Generative Contemporary Art” method. This involves the practice of artistic disciplines through the introduction and use of interdependent techniques and languages, aimed at revealing needs, generating autonomy and stimulating the exploratory system.


Roberto Alfano’s approach to the educational and didactic dimension leads him to focus his artistic research on the function of freedom of expression. Since the end of 2018, Roberto has also been working as a trainer as an expert in artistic-experiential workshops.


Selected solo exhibitions include: Hold on, spring is coming, V9, Warsaw, 2014; We don’t need money, we need time, SSC, Milan, 2019; SSP, The Address gallery, Brescia, 2020; Grande Madre delle Stelle, Museo San Giovanni, Catanzaro, 2020. Selected group exhibitions: Rodeo Drawings Night, Antonio Colombo Gallery, Milan, 2012; 80. An international perspective. A local insight, Fondazione BPL Arte, Lodi, 2013; Avanzamento Progressivo, Milan, 2018; Post Graffti Stress Disorder, Museo MARCA, Catanzaro, 2018; 12 artist of tomorrow, Mucciaccia Contemporary, Rome, 2019; Selvatici, RIZOMI, Parma; When urban attitudes become contemporary art, 21Gallery, Treviso.

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