Pietro Fachini

Born in Milan (ITA) in 1994. 

Lives and works between Milan, Sardinia and Colombia. 

Pietro Fachini is an Italian artist who approached painting by attending the atelier of master Maurizio Bottoni, thus approaching Flemish and metaphysical art. Simultaneously, he encountered professor Marco Fantuzzi in Urbino in order to approach the processing of pigments and raw materials from which to derive colours for painting. From this encounter Fachini underlines the importance of the relationship with the material and the search in other continents and cultures of man’s relationship with colour.

Currently Fachini carries out studies on colouring earths in Sardinia and on organic pigments in the Colombian Amazon rainforest and in Mexico. In Latin America he studies, with the help of local people, how to stabilize organic dyes to derive pigments, and pictorial media starting from traditional indigenous techniques, such as canvases made from the fibre of particular trees in the Amazon jungle.

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