Pierantonio Micciarelli

Born in Naples in 1971, Pierantonio Micciarelli is an Italian artist and movie director. At the age of 14, Micciarelli received his first camera as a birthday present, an FM2 Nikon and, ever since, he never stopped shooting.


After many burnt film rolls, finally he could consider himself a photographer, traveling around the world with a bi-optical camera, a polaroid camera and a Spectra light-meter. Landscapes and portraits are his favourite subjects. He is not tough enough to take pictures of suffering people, though photojournalism is a great passion, and he dislikes still lives, so he just looks around and clicks. He is not waiting for the right moment, he is not building the image, rather Micciarelli waits like a fisherman catching whatever he is offered. This is the reason why his work is so varied in subjects, feelings and emotions, ranging from an intimate portrait to an anonymous manhole.

Since a young age, Micciarelli has had the luxury of travelling the whole world several times, visiting secluded, remote and unique locations. From the Himalayan mountains to the flat plains of the Death Valley, passing through metropolises, he always follows the same ritual, the same old gears and the same passion. Flicking through his collection of works, the viewer can really travel the world in less than 80 days…

Pierantonio Micciarelli held his first solo exhibition in 1994 at the “Antico Oratorio Della Passione” of S. Ambrogio Cathedral in Milan, displaying photos taken during one mandatory year in the Italian Army. A few of these photos were successively published on “Private” magazine. In 2008, he held a personal exhibition at the “Teatro dei Comici” in Rome, followed by another personal exhibition in 2009 at “Palazzo Santa Chiara”, in Rome. His last exhibition was held in London in 2019 with ArtNoble gallery.

From 1994, Pierantonio is an international First Assistant Director and an independent film-maker for feature films, commercials, documentaries and music videos. He has been shooting a range of films from James Bond “Quantum of Solace” to small independent productions, because for him the essence of life is to look at the world through a view-finder. 

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