Martina Cassatella

Born in San Giovanni Rotondo (ITA) in 1996. 

Lives and works in Milan.

Martina Cassatella's paintings are made up of hands, light and subtle sinuous lines, which used to represent hair and which in her latest works become increasingly a formal matter. Three elements that allow her to investigate the way in which painting manages to become plastic form, the way in which colour becomes a nucleus of light, and the way in which the line can be a figure capable of activating and destabilising the pictorial surface, creating intense ghostly figures charged with magic, mystery and - why not? - spirituality.

Her practice brings to mind the many hands in the history of art, which, thanks to their magnetic force, have managed to take the leading role even in works in which they occupy a very small part. In her paintings, hands reclaim their ancestral role as the tool to every magical language, a source of energy, life and sensuality. In this latest series, fingers occupy almost the entire scene, stylised to be even more polished and performing in the way they interact with light and shadow. Whilst the lines resemble fingerprints finally freed from their epidermal prison and able to flow like long golden threads.

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