Luca Staccioli

Born in Imperia (ITA) in 1988. 

Lives and works in Milan. 

Born in Imperia in 1988, Luca Staccioli is a visual artist and researcher, currently living and working in Milan.

Luca Staccioli’s multidisciplinary artistic practice is research-based, process-oriented and merges videos, photos, sounds, sculptures, embroideries, drawings and collages.

Conceived as narratives, his hybrid artworks question the processes of aesthetic and identity homogenization and their influence on competitiveness, expectations, and exploitation of emotionality by the mass-media. Staccioli stratifies childhood fantasies, micro-stories, uprooted memories, as well as everyday objects and nomadic images that proliferate on the internet and in historical archives. His works reappropriate realities eroded by consumption and productivity, investigating political territories of re-imagination.

Luca Staccioli won the 2021/2022 Exibart Prize, the Fabbri Prize for Contemporary Art and the Pini Foundation scholarship in 2018, and in 2017 was awarded second prize for the Talent Video Awards, Careof, Mibact.

Staccioli studied philosophy at Università Cattolica, paiting at the Accademia Linguistica di Belle Arti in Genova and curatorial studies at NABA in Milano.

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