Jimmy Milani

Born in Savigliano (ITA) in 1995. 

Lives and works between San Miniato and Milan. 

Jimmy Milani’s work is characterized by an interest in the medium of painting. Iconic subjects, narration, and the materiality of the support interact with each other, developing on both the two-dimensional surface of the canvas and the three-dimensionality of the artwork.

Representation takes a back seat in the face of the awareness of living through an interaction with the viewer, highlighting a particular focus on the installation and structural aspects of the work.

The artist engages in a deep dialogue with the history of art while moving away from any nostalgic sentiment. The inclination to always seek new solutions leads the research into a collision with the intricacies and challenges of design. In the artwork, rationality and emotion clash, giving rise to a constant oscillation between an objective design hypothesis and an intuitive feeling.

Milani’s intention is to move away from the mere idea of contemplation, seeking an intersection between meaning and form through an analysis of surfaces, colors, and the materiality of the support, resulting in a tempered projection of his worldview.

For his latest exhibition at ArtNoble gallery, Jimmy Milani's works consisted in series in which painting blends with sculpture. The first series is titled “Scarabocchio” (Doodle), and effectively they are doodles reproduced on huge canvases, drawings of everyday subjects obtained using only two colors, blue and red. But the paintings are not doodles. Milani has actually painted the doodle, painted the act of doodling, simulated it, enlarging it enormously. Even the blotches and smudges are not really blotches and smudges; it’s the artist who has realistically portrayed every blotch and smudge. And it is precisely in this total control and in the leap of scale that the paintings originate. The whole is made even more unsettling by the fact that these canvases of over two meters are inserted inside huge plastic bags, those of ring binders, custom-made, in a way that immediately refers to Pop art or surrealism.

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