Giovanni Chiamenti

Born in Italy in 1992, Giovanni Chiamenti's artistic practice focuses on the relationship between man and nature and the capacity of the human eye to interpretate the landscape.

Chiamenti tries to create forms that investigate space, changing the point of view and inspecting our impact on the environment. His scenarios easily confuse viewers in such a way that they don’t understand if they are looking at a micro or macro representation. The disorientation is given by another point of view, or visualization, of places that the artist analyses, forcing the unforeseen reality to emerge. This final result is hidden to most and appears only to those who stop and observe the underlying layers. This level of reality requires time to come out, and materials help it to take a tangible form due to their characteristics of resembling natural phenomena.

Giovanni Chiamenti's work ranges within different media, from installation to video, and materials, from synthetic ones to ceramics, in order to treat different aspects of each narration I make.

During the last years his research has focused on the interrelations created between every living creature, from animals to plants passing through human kind. These practices of co-habiting and co-existing have made the evolution of the species possible and have been studied by researchers from the scientific but also the humanistic field that analyzed the concepts of sympoiesis and symbiogenesis going so far as to predict the overcoming of the anthropocene.

This field of research has led Chiamenti to conceptualise a new organic glossary of a not-so-far-fetched future in which animals and plants will hybridize as a result of their capacities to evolve and adapt to an increasingly hostile environment threatened by plastic pollution and consumption.

In 2019 Chiamenti was one of the artists-in-residence at VIR viafarini-in-residence (Milan), VIAINDUSTRIAE (Foligno) and The Blank Contemporary Art (Bergamo), ending the year with his first solo exhibition at spazioSERRA (Milan). In 2020 he was ex aequo winner of the COMBAT Prize in the Video section whereas in 2021 he is among the finalists of Exibart Prize, finalist of the Italian Talent Prize and winner of the Italian Council 10, granting him a 3 month residency at the Nars Foundation in New York.  

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