Giovanni Chiamenti

Born in Verona in 1992, Giovanni Chiamenti is a transdisciplinary artist who lives and works between Milan and Verona.

Chiamenti’s artistic practice intercepts themes such as the sympoiesis and symbiogenesis between the anthropogenic and the natural, for an overcoming of the Anthropocene and the formulation of alternative paradigms of survival of the planet and coexistence between species. The basis of his research has always been a careful observation of nature and the landscape, initially translated into a practice that went along with the shaping of the art form through natural processes, deepening the relationship between man and nature by creating a perceptual imbalance and altering the vision.

Subsequently, Chiamenti has moved towards an increasingly in-depth and synchronic exploration of materials and techniques as well as natural processes, producing a series of works that test the ability of each technique utilized to understand and simulate nature. This type of analysis of materials and processes has led the artist to develop a deeper interest in the sciences, although anchored in a humanistic approach of analysing human interventions on the planet, undertaking research into the adaptation of living beings to increasingly extreme environmental conditions.

To this day, Chiamenti’s practice thus operates at the intersection of art, geology, biology, biotechnology and chemistry, involving constant exchanges with experts in these fields. Moving between sci-fi and the imaginative, but rooting his research in in-depth scientific studies, Chiamenti’s practice finds its relevance in today’s context in his ability to imagine positive propositions of a new era of symbiosis between man and nature.

In 2019 Chiamenti was one of the artists-in-residence at VIR viafarini-in-residence (Milan), VIAINDUSTRIAE (Foligno) and The Blank Contemporary Art (Bergamo), ending the year with his first solo exhibition at spazioSERRA (Milan). In 2020 he was ex aequo winner of the COMBAT Prize in the Video section, 2021 he is among the finalists of Exibart Prize, finalist of the Italian Talent Prize and winner of the Italian Council 10, granting him a 3 month residency at the Nars Foundation in New York. In 2023 Chiamenti was winner of both the Combat Prize and E.ART.H prize. 

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