Edoardo Manzoni

Born in Crema in 1993, Edoardo Manzoni currently lives and works in Milan. His research stems from the rural context in which he grew up and which has always influenced his work. The rural world and the imagery linked to it have stimulated his interest in the relationship between the natural and the artificial, the human and the animal.


His artistic practice, based on a process of continuous collection and reworking of found objects and materials, crosses different modes of expression such as sculpture, painting and installation, often seeking a dialogue with the world of craftsmanship. By studying the dialogue between natural and artificial, between man and animal, and exploring it through the theme of hunting, his works appear as objects placed between primitive and contemporary design, somewhere between a piece of furniture and an animal trap. Manzoni has tried to compare the figures of the artist and the hunter by creating a series of evocative concatenations and blurring the boundaries between work, trap and ornament. The aim is to trigger a tension between the object and the viewer, emerging from feelings of attraction, seduction and repulsion.


His works have been exhibited in various locations, including: StateOf, Milan; Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como; La Triennale, Milan; Sonnenstube, Lugano; Fondazione Pini, Milan; PAV, Turin; Careof, Milan; Luogo_e, Bergamo; Spazio Menouno, Treviglio. In 2016 he founded the collective DITTO, with which he has exhibited in locations ranging from Macau, China, to Villa Farinacci, Rome; Current, Milan; Museo Archeologico Paolo Giovio, Como and participating at institutional initiatives such as La Quadriennale di Roma and Museo MAXXI, Rome. 


Since 2017 he is part of Altalena, an independent research project. In 2018 he founded Residenza La Fornace, a residency programme hosted at the farmhouse in which he grew up and that now acts as his research space. Furthermore, in this year he was selected to participate at a workshop curated by Matt Mullican at Pirelli HangarBicocca of Milan. 

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