Mese: Marzo 2019

ARTIST TALK – Alberto Selvestrel

Friday 29 March 2019

6pm – 8pm

Willesden Gallery 95 High Road, London, NW10 2SF

Alberto Selvestrel is a young, emerging photographer based in Italy. With a subtle minimalistic approach, Selvestrel seduces the viewer into a world of on-going equilibrium and the interval that articulates the stream of picturesque landscapes. His practice provides a useful set of allegorical tools for maneuvering with a pseudo-minimalist approach in the world of photography; these meticulously planned works resound and resonate with images culled from the fantastical realm of imagination.

During his talk, Alberto will discuss with us his unique approach to photography and will introduce to us his latest book, a collection of photographs from his latest series accompanied with an introduction from Giovanni Gastel, one of the most prominent Fashion photographers of all time.


Tuesday 19 – Saturday 30 March 2019

Willesden Gallery 95 High Road, London, NW10 2SF


Following on from 2018’s debut exhibition in November, ArtNoble is proud to present Contemporary Connections, a group exhibition displaying works by seven contemporary European artists.

In a world constantly heading towards self-absorption, Contemporary Connections aims to initiate a dialogue among artists, artwork, audience and collectors, creating enduring connections that are fundamental to our happiness, existence and wellbeing. Whilst not being tied down to a specific thematic or style, Contemporary.

Connections will display a distinct selection of works, ranging from ceramics, to photographs and paintings. These works have been chosen to stimulate interactions between the works and artists, with the aim that these interactions will propagate also to the collectors and visitors.

To enhance this theme of connectivity, talks, workshops and presentations by the artists will be held at the gallery to complement the exhibition. Details of these will be announced on our website.


Gaila Adair
Yaprak Akinci
Cinzia Castellano
Alberto Fusco
David Gee
Pierantonio Maria Micciarelli
Alberto Selvestrel